Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Day Called Valentine's..

Flowers, chocolates, heart shaped objects, cakes, red colored prints, these are some of the common things we usually see around when this day comes. Couples wearing partner shirts, walking and strolling around with matching holding hands, restaurant filled with lovers having their lunch date or dinner with candle lights. So sweet to see and so envious also for someone who is alone on this 14th day of the 2nd month of the year. But come to think of it, isn't just economics to have this as part of the annually celebrated occasions? Isn't just part of the business minded people's gimmick for them to earn? I may sound bitter but I'm just pointing a theory, because having this day celebrated would mean huge earnings for the flower shops, great sales for the chocolate and cake factories, large income for the restaurateurs and we cannot discount the fact that it's also a great day for hotels and motels all around. Yes they all benefited from this day and I bet they're wanting to make everyday valentines day just to sustain their cash registers with great sales.

 Ok ok, I'm really sounding bitter here (maybe yes, lol) but on the other side, this day is really a celebration of love for those who have already found their partners. It can be tagged as the culmination of something special with their relationship. Although many can say why not make everyday a valentine's day, for the couples yes that's possible but celebrating it on a calendared date would add to the magic of their relationship. It's like you're one with the whole world celebrating your love on that very special day. Well for those who have no special "one" to celebrate this day, lucky for us we don't have to spent extra amount of our income on flowers and restaurant treats (hahaha). Kidding aside, it may look that heart's day is only for those romantically attached, but single persons can also enjoy this day by giving their self a treat, or giving other single friends a treat, it's just a matter of perspective. Let you're mother's or fathers, brothers or sisters, single girl friends and boy friends be your valentine. It wasn't said that valentine's are only for couple, it can also be for groups. So to those who claim this day as Single Awareness Day, let it be a Journey Of Young, FUll of Love.

"Let the world know that you're in-love and let your love know he/she is always part of your world"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A week of Mixed Emotions.

The Mourning

This week started as an ordinary week for everyone. In the world of politics the same is happening with the ongoing investigation of the House of Representative and the Senate on the AFP corruption allegations on the merits of alleged bogus plea bargaining agreement of Gen. Carlos Garcia. Although there are new exposes and evidences coming up and new names implicated, it was not until tuesday Feb 8,2011 that the country was again shocked by a big news. Yes it was the 51st birthday of the president but the shocking news isn't about him but the one allegedly involved in the corruption in AFP, the former AFP Chief of staff and DND Sec. Angelo Reyes who was found lying and blooded on his mother's grave in Loyola Memorial Park Marikina. Official reports confirmed that the late general committed suicide by a gun shot on his chest damaging his heart.

The suicide incident followed amidst the ongoing senate and house of representative investigations on the alleged corruption in the AFP which implicates Angie Reyes as one who benefited from such. People close to him are implying the the investigation caused him so much shame and humiliation that led to him taking his own life. One of his close friends Rex Robles said he was able to talk to the former Sec during the course of the Senate investigation and told the he is very down and depressed at how the investigation went thru. He felt he was being singled out and that it was intended to character assasinate him. But the more damaging is his fear that his family will soon get involved.
Up to now the family and his close allies are still puzzling what really transpired that led to his suicide, because they knew the him as strong person and would not easily resort to being suicidal. Angelo Reyes will be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani and expected to be given the 19-gun salute as honor for his being former AFP chief and Sec.of Nationa Defense.

The Celebration

Just 2 days after the death of Angelo Reyes the gloomy news in the country was transformed into a festive and celebrating mood for the Pinoy everywhere. This is because the rising sports favorite Azkals won over the Mongolian team. Panaad Stadium in Bacolod is jam packed as Filipino Futbol fans cheered for our very own Azkals. With the inception of new coach Hans Micheal Weiss, the team is expected to be more on offensive attacks and continuing to solidify its defense.

The fans were not dismayed as the team played good ball on the field. on the 42nd minute of the game, the crowd went wild as the Azkals got their first goal courtesy of #13 Chieffy Caligdong. Fans over at Panaad and everyone watching on television celebrated the goal that went so precise under the legs of the Mongolian goalie. First half ended with 1-0 score in favor of the Azkals.

At the 2nd half, PH team's defense continue to dominate the Mongols as they've got only 2 goal attempts compared to our team's 8 goal attempts (2 successful). On the 61st minute of the game another goal could have been marked for the Azkals courtesy of James Younghusband but the referee waive it due to hand ball violation. But on the 93th minute seconds away from the final buzzer, Panaad goes screaming again as the crowd and fan favorite Phil Younghusband scored the 2nd goal for the team. This sealed in the Azkals win over the Mongolian team for the 1st leg of the pre-qualifying games of the AFC Challenge Cup. Panaad Stadium was highlighted by the fireworks display after the game and victory celebration was expected to came after in Barotac Nuevo, Bacolod to celebrate the team's win. Next stop for the Azkals is their game in Mongolia, hope they will win again in this next game.

This week is really a roller coaster of emotions but as they always say we Pinoys are very resilient, we can adopt to anything that come our way, may it be sad news or good news. Like this week's events, at the onset we were shocked and saddened by the news of the death of Angie Reyes, thereafter we were brought to high elation and festive mood by the victory of the Azkals.

It was really an emotionally charged week for our country, but the more important thing is, we should not forget that no matter how bad the news that is bannering in our eyes there will always be good news that will flatter our hearts and mind.

"Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day" - Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Makati: Accident Prone City?

Last Jan 25,2011 is the birthday of the late former Pres. Corazon Aquino, but the nation was bannered by news not about the celebration of her birthday but by another tragedy. A Newmann Goldline bus exploded in EDSA - Buendia Ave. At first there were claims that it might be mechanical error on the part of the bus, but as investigators looked in they've discovered that IED (Imporovised Explosive Device) was used to cause the explosion triggered by a cellphone. Six people died and several were injured from the tragic event.

While the family of the bus blast victims are still mourning and searching for justice, 2 days later, another tragedy happened again in Makati, 10 construction workers of Eton Residences died by falling from 38th floor down to the 7th floor of the building. Based on the statements made by the investigators, the said people were riding a service elevator or gondola when it collapsed and fell down. Makati City officials meanwhile have immediately aided the victims and their families. The management of Eton residences also have offered financial help to the families of the victims.

Two tragedies in a week in the same city? Very sad for the victims or should I say to the families of the victims and very creepy for an observer like me, especially that the city's battlecry is "Ganito Kame sa Makati". If that's the case I wouldn't want to share the what they have in Makati, which seems to be an accident prone city.

If we'll try to look back, this city had been in the news several times involving accidents, tragedies and mishaps. On Feb 2005, a Royal Transit bus exploded in EDSA - Ayala Ave (near SM Makati) and was tagged as Valentine's Day Bombing. It has left 4 people dead and left 60injured. This tragedy was linked to a muslim extremist based in mindanao.

Another tragic accident happened on this central business district is the Glorietta Blast in 2007. Shoppers and mall goers were shocked that this popular & posh mall complex in Ayala Avenue exploded. The blast intially killed 11 people and injured more than hundreds. Based on the initial reports the explosion was caused by accidental ignition of an LPG tank. There were speculations also that the blast was caused by terror bombings, but rigorous investigations brought to the conclusion that the main reason was an explosion of methane gas deposit.

Not only accidents have made this city in the news, there were also scandals and revolt. Notable for this are the Oakwood Mutiny and the Manila Peninsula Siege caused by the disgruntled military officials who cried corruption in the Armed Forces. Led by then Lt. 2nd Grade Antonio Trillanes and Gen. Danny Lim, this uprising caused damage not only to the government and country's image but also damage to physical properties. Manila Peninsulas main door was wrecked when an armored tank forcibly entered the hotel lobby.
The military officers involved were held captives and was jailed for the case of rebellion. Lucky for Lt. Trillanes the incident became his vehicle for running and winning a senate seat. While he was jailed he is a seating senator of the republic until the current Pres. Noy Aquino granted him conditional pardon.

Lastly on the list of Makati's mishaps is the gas leak of FPIC pipeline in Bangkal, posting danger to the nearby West Tower condominium and its tenants. FPIC worked on digging the pipelines to source out where the leak is so that they can repair the damaged pipes. The incident prompted the residents of West Tower condo to issue writ of kalikasan against FPIC, for the damages it caused them. It also prevented Bangkal residents from celebrating the new year with fireworks.

Makati may be progressive and one of the riches cities in the metro but why is it that they are hounded by many accidents. Could it be prevented by tightening their security? Could it be that the local government didnt implement tight measure to possible avoid this things. Or could it be just plain accidents? I may not have the right to adhor their officials but as an spectator and a frequent visitor of the city, I think I can say my view. As what their patriarch say "Ganito Kame sa Makati, Sana Ganito rin sa buong bansa",but knowing this kind of accidents in their city, I might want to shout "Wag naman Sana".

"Accidents can be prevented by avoiding unsafe circumstances"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Whose Evidence Speaks More?

The first time it broke the news, I am really tempted to blog about the decision of Supreme Court regarding the Acquittal of Hubert Webb on the Visconde Massacre case, but because of heavy workload I wasn't able to continue writing on the matter. Not until I've watched Boy Abunda's Bottomline episode with Hubert. After watching the show (or even during watching the show) and hearing what Hubert was saying I was pushed to accede to my earlier temptation.

Boy's interview on my end didn't put to rest my conviction about Webb and his co-accused. It didn't change the way I think that indeed they have something to do with it. On the interview Boy asked Hubert if at any point he got angry with God because he was jailed for the crime that according to him "he has not committed". Hubert answered, not anytime during his stint on the jail that he got angry with God. I felt wow I am more bad that him, because there are moments in my life when I'm experiencing big problems that I can't help but somewhat got angry with God. But he who was jailed for 15 years and claiming innocence, at any point didn't even got a little angst and angry with God, he must be very very nice. OK let's give-in to the notion that every person is unique and has his/her own way of sailing through rough times and I am not putting nor suggesting here what actions should have he done during those times but the fact the he's saying "not at any point" did he got angry, I thought it was preposterous, it was outrageous, it was ahhhh am lost for the right adjective. It was kind of a rhetoric script convincing everyone that indeed he cannot do what he was accused of. This leads me to concur to some opinions that indeed the SC are in no position to decide on criminal cases but rather just to hear cases which tackles legality of laws and or constitutionality of something. This is because they're just basing their opinion on mere documents and not personal testimonies. They didn't have the chance of seeing facial reactions or nuances of the accused and the witnesses which is also vital aspect of deciding a case.

Another point I'd like to open is the basis of their decision questioning the credibility and statements of the lead witness Jessica Alfaro. They argued that Jessica is an incredible witness because of her alleged link with the NBI, but my question is, are there no other witnesses that testified on the appearance of Webb in their home in Paranaque. Will the perceived 'incredibility' of Jessica's testimonies downplayed or disregarded the statements of other witnesses like their maid and the security guard of their subdivision. Yes it may be true that Jessica is the lead witness of the case, but there are also other witnesses that can stand even without Jessica's testimony. They also noted that other witnesses statements are just in-connections with what Jessica's statement was, so in arguing that her statements are 'incredible' the supporting/corroborative statements can also be said as 'incredible'. But do this SC judges hear the personal accounts of this maid and security guard on how they testified and cross-examined? I don't think it is accurate to disregard their testimonies just because they cannot believe the testimonies of the star witness. I believe the statement of the maid Mila, can stand on her own even though Jessica didn't show up as star witness. Even if Jessica said the different way and the maid said she washed the Hubert's bloody shirt, I think it should not be disregarded because it's her personal account and personal testimony. I cannot accept the notion that just because Jessica's statement can't stand strong, the other testimonies will follow, the SC should have taken into account and distinguish the other testimonies of the other witnesses.

This is why I cant help but agree to the suggestion of former CJ Puno, to have constitutional amendments specifically on the judiciary because it seemed that so much power has been vested on the Supreme Court. There should be really major check on the power of the SC, since they are the so-called final arbiter. And with the perceived corruption on the highest court, this so much power is in great danger of being abused.

"With great power comes great responsibility, but with great power of irresponsible authority, abuse is in great clarity"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twitter and The Heckler

Before the year ends, let me blog about the 2 main things that caught my interest this year 2010. This is the year of social media.

It was early this year that I got to know about twitter. Dati kasi puro Friendster and Facebook lang ang napagkakaabalahan ko (especially during idle times in office). When one of my friends talked about twitter I got interested to know what is it look like and how does it work. After registering my account, the first impression was parang boring kasi puro text lang ang mababasa unlike Facebook na may mga applications. Then it came election season, because of ABS-CBN's new media campaign I started to get hooked up with twitter that led to addiction, masaya pala magtweet at makipagtweet. Because of it, I felt I was close with famous celebs and my idols because I am updated of everything about them. I remembered it was RG Cruz among ABS-CBN news persons that I first exchanged tweets. At that time he was at St Lukes The Fort, tweeting about the condition of First Gentleman who was confined there at that time. The height of my social media addiction is when I got to follow Ms. Ces Orena- Drilon and to my shock she followed me back (I was really star-strucked at that time). It was at the height of the election campaign that their news program Bandila introduced the segment Hot Seat wherein they guested election candidates and interview them using mostly questions tweeted by their followers in twitter and Facebook. Because of my innate interest in politics and current events, I make it a point to tweet questions to Ma'am Ces on every guests they have. Luckily my tweets and FB-posted questions landed on the screen of Bandila 5 times, the last being a video question using skype to Sen. Dick Gordon. It was a great experience for me having been seen on national TV, with my friends teasing me about it. After the election period and with the reformat of the newscast I still make it a point to tweet comment and questions and be part of their live interactive discussions.

More on the twitter addiction, it also pave the way to the resurrection of my interest in the world of blogging. Before knowing Twitter I already am managing my own blogsite, blogging about anything from current news items, poems that pops out of my brain and any subjects that comes out of my mind. But one retweet (I think from RG Cruz also, if i remember it right) got my attention. Title pa lang ng blog nakacaught na ng interest ko because I am not familiar of the word heckler, and I resorted googling it and found out what it means. From the first time that I read the post of The Professional Heckler I said in my mind, this is hilariously fun. From then on I started to follow TheProfessionalHeckler on twitter (which eventually became HecklerForever). Aside from the fun and laughter that his sarcastic humor brings, reading his blogs and following his tweets has also taught me to learn new words like borborygmus and pun. He is really in idol to me whom I can compare to Jose Rizal, being a linguist (having to know 17 languages #ikawna), he seemed to be like a doctor also (kasi laughter is the best medicine diba?. #mayganun #sipsip), prolific writer (#obviousba #bloggerngaeh #scriptwriterpa), and kaaway ng mga prayle (#galitsaanti-RH), sabi ko nga pagdating ng araw pede siguro syang maging national artist for the literature.hehehe (#levelupsapagsipsip). But seriously he is really one heck of a great man who can illicit laughter and wit thru the blogs he write. He is one intelligent person who is selfless in giving his time and effort just to make his followers happy, a certified heckling genius and a loyal sports enthusiast (#golakers :-)). I will always look forward to more heckling days with The Professional Heckler.

Up until now i still maintain my addiction to twitter and the professional heckler blog. These 2 are my constant companion during my idle times in office (pero minsan kahit hindi idle hindi makatiis na magtweet at magcomment sa heckler blog. hehehe). I will never regret being part of the big world of social media because it has helped me learn new things. Twitter will always be part of my life and heckling will always solve my apetite. As i say, "Aanhin ko ang Blogger kung hindi naman si Heckler". :-)

"To err is human, to heckle is for this man ==> TPH"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Rush...

Days before the much awaited season of the year, holiday rush is already felt everywhere. Shopping malls and bazaars are full of people. The streets are loaded with cars that causes huge traffic. Christmas parties are all over the place. I too am one of those people who at the last minute crams for Christmas shopping. As early as September I'm planning to do my Christmas shopping so as to avoid long queues in malls or bazaars and to smoothly choose gifts that I will give to my friends and love ones. But up until the Christmas week, I ended up being one of those people who rushes into shopping areas to buy gifts and giveaways. Good thing I made a gift list that makes me shop easier and smoothly.

"Do what should be done at the very time you felt like doing it"

My First Airplane Ride..

After many times of planning an out of the country vacation, finally it came to realization. Last June 9-12, I found myself, together with my high school friends at the heart of the Land of Smile - Thailand. Threatened to be cancelled due to civilian unrest in Thailand's Metro Bangkok, we were able to push thru with the plan, and luckily we arrived at a seemingly peaceful Thailand's Capital.

Before midnight of June 10, we arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Of course enate to pinoys the fascination with pictures, at the onset of arrival we quickly took pictures of the scenes.

Due to travel fatigue we immediately get a cab to bring us to the hotel we booked in. The ride going to the hotel seemingly brought us back to manila because of the structures and landscapes that is very similar to what we usually see in the Philippine metro. The highways and buildings looks very much the same of what are available here, that's why it feels like we didn't go out of the country because we felt like we were home. At the hotel, we met our friend who flew in from Bahrain just to be with us. Of course picture moments again at the hotel lobby and on our suite, before going to sleep we enjoyed delightful chicken pizza to ease our hungry stomachs.

On the morning its breakfast time at the hotel. Sumptuous Thai breakfast was served and we were delighted by what we ate. After the breakfast feast, we started touring the city which weeks before was troubled by political-civilian turmoil. First stop was Chao-Praya river experience. It feels like we're traveling Pasig river because of its resemblance. We were supposed to jump-off at some points of the tour, but we just opted not to because we were not so delighted and amazed of what we can experience on the stop over places.At the end of the tour is picture taking on one of their treasured temple then after that went back to the hotel. On the evening of that day we head towards the city's shopping centers. We went to MBK Mall and Siam Paragon to dine and try Thai Foods then after that we headed toward Kaosan road where nightlife is worth the try plus the cheap goods for pasalubong. Then after head towards the hotel again to sleep.
The next morning (our last day) we headed towards tour of the Grand Palace, but before we got to enjoy the Grand Palace we detoured first in other minor temples of Bangkok and a jewelry factory. At the jewelry factory I realized that Pinoys are really everywhere because the crews of the factory know how to speak in Filipino primarily because of the frequent Pinoy visitors there and I was surprised about that. hehehe. After having lunch we go back to the Grand Palace where we witnessed the magnificence of Thailand's treasure temples. We were amazed at the intricacies and elaborate architectural designs of their temples. After touring the temple we went shopping for our pasalubongs then head back to the hotel to prepare for our departure later at night.

After finishing preparing our things and having bought all the pasalubongs we checked out and prepared to go to the airport. It was a memorable travel for us, especially that our friend flew in from Bahrain just to be with us in this vacation. Bangkok memories will be treasured for the rest of our lives because this is my first travel outside of the country and my very first airplane ride. Im sure this wont be the last travel abroad and I will be looking forward to my 'Second Airplane Ride".

"Experience the world for as long as you can, it may be too late while you realized you can no longer travel"